Where can I use the DOPERskin body butter?

 Our DOPERskin body butter can be used EXTERNALLY only, but all over the face and body.  

Can I customize my own body butter scents/ingredients? 

Yes, if you have any allergens to any of the oils or butters listed in any of our products, or would simply like to customize your own body butter, feel free to send us a message via our Contact page. 

Can the body butters be used by everyone?

 Our body butters are suitable for everyone in the family. Whether that be your new bundle of joy, your elders, or your cousin with sensitive skin, as long as a patch test is done prior to use, all should be well!

How long will the body butters last?

Our body butters will last at least a one year after opening.

How do I order?

 Go To DOPERskin.com. We also have Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook pages to funnel sales so whichever platform is most convenient for you can lead you our way! 

Is there more in store for DOPERskin?

 DOPERskin is always in a state of mastering the efficiency of our products and product packaging. We are also always working on new scents to either add to our daily store or for special holiday releases. If you subscribe to our Mailing List, you'll always be in tune!